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About Us

Hunters know nothing hides like a deer. The deer’s hair absorbs and reflects light to aid in their ability to blend so well in the environment.

Our New Reactive® Camo pattern evolved from two and a half years of research and field testing. Designed utilizing five different deer hides which provide various colors, sizes and patterns, enabling you to be disguised in the environment like never before, getting close and staying undetected.

Our pattern reacts to any light condition and any situation whether you are in a tree, on the ground, in a blind to leave you hidden just like a deer. We all know you can look left then right then back again and a deer will be standing there. Hunt like the deer hide, undetectable. This pattern is not just for the woods. It blends in with reeds, corn, grasses and we have used it fishing and caught more fish than somebody wearing normal clothes. In tests, we have had deer walk towards us in an open field, been buzzed by hawks, even walked along side deer.

Reactive® has all the colors that occur in nature every day. Wearing our camouflage you will see more game because the game will not see you and that’s why you go hunting right?